Our Work

Waste Segregation


HSR follows 3 way segregation of daily waste. Lot of awareness helped us achieve 80% segregation levels. Good segregation and processing translates to less landfill burden.

Composting @Source


60% of waste generated daily is wet waste that can be converted to rich compost. We conduct sessions to help people make their baby step towards composting. We have also planned and installed community composting solutions. 

Plastic Ban


As a step towards reducing single use disposables, we successfully initiated plastic ban, which later became Karnataka State level Plastic Ban. 

Swachagraha Kalika Kendra


First of its kind in India, this Learning Center for Composting  has steady visitors coming in to learn about home and community composting.

Urban Gardening


We promote and conduct sessions in Urban Gardening, as a way to use the compost and grow pesticide free, organic greens and vegetables. This translates to good health and well being for all.

Eco Friendly Festivals


We campaign for eco-festival celebrations, eliminating waste burden after the festival. Conduct Clay Ganesha workshops and help manage  festival wastes.

Sustainable Menstruation


Sustainable menstrual alternatives is now a reality. Explore these alternatives that pamper your body, mind and spirit.

Cleanathon & Plog Run


To get public attention and create awareness, we often organize and participate in cleanathons & Plog Runs. 

Tree Plantation


The green cover of the garden city is diminishing to pave way for city's housing and infrastructure demands. To replace the fallen trees, and to mitigate the effects of climate change,  we plant more trees and free up trees choking with concrete and debris. 

Water Conservation


We are depleting potable water resources at an alarming rate. Forum supports and creates awareness for conservation of this indispensable resource of our very existence.