Dear Residents !!

As you walk into HSR Layout, you will notice that the area is refreshingly clean compared to other areas. You would have noticed it particularly when you head back home after a long day at work. Given that all the infrastructure related issues remain the same across Bangalore, what is different here is that the roads are cleaner and greener. All this is made possible by the relentless and passionate work of HSR's citizen volunteers. How can you help HSR sustain this? 

If you are a new resident to HSR, Welcome to HSR Layout, the MODEL WARD ! 

 Please keep yourself updated of our Solid Waste Management practices.

Please listen to the audio of segregation method we follow in HSR. This is 2bin1bag Method mandated by Karnataka High Court. Please click on the link below or scroll down the page.

Audio Message in English

Audio Message in Kannada

Garbage Segregation

  • Garbage segregation is mandatory. 
  • Please segregate your waste into wet kitchen waste, dry recyclable waste and reject waste. Please do not use plastic lining in your bins. Put the waste directly in the bin. This will be directly emptied into the garbage pick up auto. We do not want BBMP auto drivers having to handle the contents of the garbage. Please empathize with them.
  • When all of us follow these practices the pick up is more efficient. 
  • If you need more information on how to segregate, please download document below.
  • If you see anyone in your neighbourhood not following segregation practices or dumping illegally, please contact us and we will work with BBMP to resolve this.

Garbage Pickup Schedule

Wet kitchen waste :  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Dry Recylable Waste: Wednesday and Saturday

Reject Sanitary Waste: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 

Note to Home Owners

If you are a home owner and have rented your house or apartment, this is how you can help us!

  • Please educate your tenants about the segregation methods in practice.
  • Please add the segregation compliance as a part of your lease agreement. Please mention clearly that if they do not follow segregation norms, they are responsible for the penalty enforced by BBMP officials. 
  • If you have a building with multiple dwellings, please place common bins for the residents -  green bin for kitchen waste, blue bin for recyclable dry waste and red bin for reject and sanitary waste. 
  • When your tenants change, please take time to explain these rules to the new tenants. Please give them the segregation brochure below.

Plastic Ban in effect

  • Plastic is banned in Karnataka. Our residents and businesses co-operate by respecting the ban. You will see that the shops in HSR refuse to give you plastic bags for shopping.
  • Please carry your own reusable cloth bag for shopping.
  • If the health inspector sees you carrying a plastic bag, you can be penalised. Please comply and respect the ban in enforcement.
  • If you find a shop giving plastic bags, gently remind them that plastic is banned. You can further help us by identifying the shops who give plastic bags, so that we can talk to the shop owner, and escalate the matter if warranted.
  • Please make all your events and celebrations eco-friendly.  Please SAY NO to single use disposable materials and take pride in zero waste celebrations. You can find information about the suppliers of eco-friendly alternatives  in the document below.
  • For alternatives to single use plastics, please click here!

Street Waste Management

  • Streets are regularly swept and segregated by BBMP workers.
  • Please understand that dry leaves on the street are collected and deposited in composting tanks in your neighbourhood parks.
  • Please be patient and wait for the leaves to be picked up, and avoid burning of leaves at any cost. Pollution due to burning leaves can cause long term health damage. Burning waste is illegal and BBMP can impose penalties.

Do not litter

  • Please segregate waste and keep it out for daily pickup.
  • Throwing waste on the road or in empty plots is illegal and such actions can be penalised.
  • When  you see anyone throwing waste on the road, please be an active citizen and talk to them. Stop them from doing so.  If this is repeated, please take a picture discreetly and bring it to notice of BBMP or contact us
  • Please contact us if you notice any waste dumped on the road. A picture and the location would be helpful. 

Segregation Message Audio - English

Segregation Message Audio - Kannada