Urban Gardening

When waste segregation at source happens, the logical next step is to turn the waste into compost. Fully mature compost can be used to nourish the depleted soil and grow healthy chemical free vegetables and greens in one's own balcony, terrace or open space around the house.  


Terrace & Home Gardening

We are on a mission to popularize home and terrace gardening. The taste and freshness of home grown greens and vegetables is beyond compare. We conduct workshops and work towards increasing the Green Spot in our homes and neighbourhood. Our new initiative Swachagraha Kalika Kendra is a big step towards getting more people to create their own little garden and grow chemical free greens and vegetables and stay healthy.  


Community Garden

We started the concept of community garden in HSR, so that we turn the space that was turning into garbage dump into an useful garden that brings together gardening enthusiasts in HSR. Community garden was inaugurated by our MLA Mr. Satish Reddy in Dec 2017.  If you are a garden enthusiast, and would like to be part of the community garden, please contact us. The only prerequisite is that you should be HSR resident composting your wet waste at home.