Plastic Ban

Creating Plastic Free Communities

Single-use plastics causes severe damage to us and our environment. UN Environment reports that only 9% of the world's 9 billion tonnes of plastics have been recycled. In the name of convenience, we completely disregard the damage we cause for the generations to come. 

HSR was one of the first wards in Karnataka to implement a plastic ban. Days following the Plastic Ban kickoff (January 3rd, 2016), our volunteers visited about 1000 commercial establishments, talked about plastic ban that was going to be in effect in HSR. Traders meeting was conducted to give awareness about the alternatives to single use plastic. Then after a couple of weeks, the enforcement drives were in effect. 

Since then, enforcement drives are regularly conducted by the health inspector, at the tip off from anyone who cares for plastic free community. 

Slowly, we can see more and more of the shoppers take reusable bags from home, and most vendors are switching to selling cloth bags if customers don't have a bag to carry their things. 

To sustain the positive changes, ongoing efforts towards awareness,  identifying defaulters and enforcing penalty is still on. 

The Gazette document of Karnataka plastic ban is given below for download. Alternatives to single use plastics are also suggested for anyone who want to begin their plastic-free journey.


Consequences of using sinlge use plastics