Creating black gold..

Home Composting

With success in segregation of waste at source, HCF volunteers have been encouraging the residents to manage their kitchen waste instead of giving it to BBMP. In the year 2016, our MLA Mr. Satish Reddy distributed 100 home composting units to encourage 100 families to start composting immediately. We have been conducting workshops educating people about composting their waste at home. The new SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra is a big step to address this and reach out to as many people as possible. 

Average household generate about 600 - 750 grams of kitchen waste. Kitchen waste comprises of fruit and vegetable peels, puja flowers, cooked food, non plant based food waste. This contributes to about 60% of waste generated from our homes daily. The kitchen waste is highly useful resource if turned into rich compost. We also conduct Urban Gardening workshops to help people get started on growing their own healthy chemical free greens and vegetables at home, using the compost that they made.

There are many ways of composting kitchen waste, and many products available in the market.  Please visit SwachaGraha campaign website for more resources.


Community Composting


Lane Composters

In HSR, 8 lane composters are installed.  The lane composters are placed in lanes where volunteers have come forward to adopt and oversee the operations. BBMP auto collects the kitchen waste  from about 45-50 homes, and load the composter, with microbial coco peat and leaf much layering.  Anyone who would like to adopt this for their lane, please contact us.


Dry Leaf Composters

HSR Layout is a green layout with lot of trees. During winter, the roads are filled with dry leaves, which was quietly burnt adding to the pollution levels. With BBMP support, 22 of these leaf composting tanks were build in HSR's parks. All the neighbourhood swept leaves from streets are deposited in these tankers by the BBMP workers. Periodic addition of cow dung slurry and spraying some water, these dry leaves turn into rich mulch which is used in our Community Garden and SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra. 


Temple Composters

HSR is known for some very old temples. Devotees coming for worship bring in lot of flowers. We have streamlined management of these puja flowers by installing temple composting rinks in 12 temples. The compost that is harvested is truly divine compost - ready to feed hungry plants.

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