Our Impact

100% door to door collection and transportation of waste

  •  Worked with BBMP to create an effective collection and drove awareness campaigns 
  • Waste segregation level of 80% achieved.
  •  A record 15 tons of wet waste sent to composting centers
  • 10 tonnes of dry waste recycled
  • Dramatic reduction of number of compactors going to landfill - from 3 to only one now.

Leaf composters in HSR parks

  •  Out of 33 parks, 22 parks have leaf composters today.
  •  88 tons of leaf compost per year is distributed to farmers. 
  • Flower and leaf composters for puja floweres in 12 temples

Lane Composters

  • First time in Bangalore, 9 lane composters installed as pilot to locally manage the waste.
  •  Around 500 kg wet waste per day is managed using these composters

Successful Plastic Ban

  • Talked to 1000 shops in a time span of 2 weeks to create plastic ban awareness
  • Over 5 lakh collected in one quarter during ban enforcement drives. ngoing process keeps plastic usage under control.
  • Defaulters reduced to 5% of all plastic users.

Dry Waste Collection

  • Regular collection of dry waste on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • 60 Metric Tonnes of dry waste being collected every month.
  • Sanitary waste collected about 600/kg per week.

Eco Festivals

  • Conducted around 10 workshops with 200+ Clay Ganeshas made by residents.
  • Out of 500+ idols at immersion points, only 4 were found to be Plaster of Paris Ganeshas.