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Bangalore - Garden City was slowly transforming into a city suffocated by its rapid growth and development. Stress on the management of solid waste generated by the city was visible with mounds of mixed waste strewn around every where. Unsegregated waste making their way to landfills made the  lives of villagers around a nightmare. Rightfully so, they protested and stopped the trucks carrying the waste.

The effect of this did not take much time to be noticed, with more garbage piled up on roads. That is when group of active citizen volunteers with inspiring leadership of  Dr. Shanthi Tummala  decided to take charge of the situation. 

HSR Citizen Forum, an NGO was started, and effective waste segregation practices were put in place. High Court Order mandating three way segregation provided much needed ammunition to face the residents who were reluctant to follow the practices.   We spent a few months creating awareness and streamlining the waste collection mechanism. We involved schools, colleges and  RWA's in this process. The collected waste was sent to proper destination for further processing and recycling. This in effect reduced the waste going to landfill. Our SWM Contractor and his team are very supportive of our intent, and played a significant role in effectively managing the waste, by ensuring uninterrupted collection of waste.  Our health inspectors over the years have been very strict enforcing segregation and plastic ban guideline, by penalizing the defaulters on daily basis. This has played a huge role in reducing the waste.

Enthused by the progress, the Forum volunteers engaged in other eco-friendly initiatives. We are very fortunate that all our initiatives are solidly backed by our elected representatives (MLA  & Corporator). With close cooperation between elected officials, BBMP officials, SWM team and citizen volunteers, HSR has been able to take a huge leap and strives to be a model ward for all eco-initiatives.


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To make every resident embrace the idea of taking the responsibility of their waste and partner with government entities to make the system efficient.

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We inspire our community by engaging in eco-friendly initiatives.  

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Years of relentless pursuit of our vision has shown tangible changes. 

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